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After I had a dream vision to create a brooch series so I went in search of the material to use. I had recalled a white modelling clay-“Sculpey” my sister used while working for Disney Imagineering back in the 70’s to create their prototypes. After arriving at the craft store and requesting this material I was directed to their “FIMO” area, to my surprise it now came in colors! Although there were no publications on the product other than a leaflet, I spent my last $20 and off I went.  Imagine trying to make a checkerboard pattern using the garlic press-YIKES!
      That was the mid 80’s and Life has not been the same since. The clay and I soon developed a rapport and by the end of the next sixth months through discovery I thought I’d re-invented the wheel when I figured out that the design reduces within the “cane” through manipulation!
About a year into it I attended a hugh Craft Convention called HIA where I met Marie Segal and as I watched with amazement how Marie manipulated this medium I was no longer afraid to grab hold of my future.
Although my clay choices have changed throughout the years today I still have many brands from all those years of practice and beta testing so of course I mix them toghether and call it good! I teach using Premo brand.

Build a Klew


Are you searching for a unique piece to adorn yourself with and aren’t really in to making jewelry? That’s fine because I am and am delighted to create a piece just for you. Turn around time is quick so go ahead start shopping the bead selections and you are on your way to getting that bracelet, earring or pendant created just for you!


Begin by Selecting your Klew  bead

  • Select a Bracelet, Earring or a Pendant
    (choose which style of earring or pendant)
  • Select your metal tone
  • Select your size if it’s a bracelet
  • Klew does the rest by bringing out the best qualities of the bead with the perfect colors as accents
  • the additional cost will be added to the cost of the bead in the cart
    at checkout

Accents Beads   |    Drum Beads    |    Focal Beads   |   Leaf Pods

“I guarantee my work and know you will be happy with your piece.  If  for some reason you are not; I am happy to make adjustments to your satisfaction .  I am proud to say that I have never had to re-work a jewelry piece for a customer.  I think it’s because my goal is to exceed my customer’s expectations.

~Be Well, Karen Lewis

aka Klew




Give a call when you know you are going to be in the area if you would like to schedule a class, other attendees can be notified as there are always interested parties wanting to meet new makers like yourself!


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