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Thank You for dropping in! Enjoy your stay and please come back often as I continually add Unique One-of-a-Kind pieces.



Thank You for dropping in! Enjoy your stay and please come back often as I continually add Unique One-of-a-Kind pieces.

What's up with Klew?


Design services

I'm delighted to create a finished piece of wearable art for you using any of my beads you find here. 

Simply give me a call so we may chat about it!

If I'm not in when you call,  that's ok I still use the old fashioned answer machine so leave your contact info with the best time and I'll surely get back to you! Thanks,  and be well



Classes in PDF format will continue to grow so please check in often!



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Klews News & Events

This newly designed site may still have a few wrinkles,  so please be patient and if you would be so kind as to call if you need help. 

Business hours are PST and are currently limited. Thanks for understanding,  be well, Klew 


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* Polymer Clay is the medium used  to create these beautiful little worlds of collectable Art. 

* Washable, Dry Cleanable, hand wash too although the glossy finish could result in a duller sheen and can be refinished for the cost of postage. 

* I stand by my work and will do my best to help should an issue arise with my beads. 

* Take care not to subject your jewelry to harsh chemicals as it could damage silver, copper or gold plated tems.

* Beads are very very durable, in over 30 years I've only had 2 damaged keychain beads from birds!  I did repair said beads there will be a small cost for repairs in cases like this. 

* Keychain refirbishing offered, starting at $16+ postage

Custom Pieces


 Thank You for dropping in!

 Enjoy your stay and please come back often as I continually add Unique One-of-a-Kind pieces.
I look forward to creating every day as it makes me feel Alive as you can see

    If you find something I've created in the Past Creations Gallery please feel free to reach out and perhaps I can create something similar.

I am delighted to create a piece just for you. Turn around time is quick so go ahead start shopping the bead selections and you are on your way to getting that bracelet, earring, pendant or even keyfob created just for you! Contact me once you've placed your order, and I will guide your beads the finishing off what you wish. I will be having a finished jewelry section that will always be changing so be sure to check that out as well.

Thanks so much for supporting handmade! 

Be well, Klew

“I guarantee my work and know you will be happy with your piece. If for some reason you are not; I am happy to make adjustments to your satisfaction . I am proud to say that I have never had to re-work a jewelry piece for a customer. I think it’s because my goal is to exceed my customer’s expectations.

~Be Well,


Karen Lewis aka Klew


Polymer Clay Artist ~ Klew

 Beginning with a technique referred to as “caning” which was borrowed from the Venetian Glass bead makers. A cane is a bundle of colors puzzled together creating a picture when viewed from its cross section.

Klew created this style of veneer bead making utilizing a select family of slices off as many as a dozen canes then applies as a veneer over a core while assembling the surface collage for each unique Art bead.

Each piece is handcrafted by Klew.


  • Featured Artist on the Smithsonian Arttrain
  • Segment on The Learning Channels Simply Style
  • Bead Museums permenant collection has 3 Klew Drum Beads
  • Covers on five Trade Magazines
  • My Favorite Things (Design Originals)
  • International Show: Bubikon, Switzerland
  • Multiple Titles in DVD'S and PDF tutorials